In a recent episode of the Law of Self Defense podcast, Attorney Andrew Branca featured an article from the Texas Defense Force Security (TXDF) website's Industry News section. The podcast episode focused on Texas enacting the Church Self-Defense Immunity law, and the article provided crucial information on the topic. TXDF would like to express our gratitude to Andrew Branca for his attention and acknowledge the important work he does for the self-defense community.

Andrew Branca's Discussion

During the podcast episode, Andrew Branca discussed the new law enacted in Texas, which provides civil immunity to church security teams in the event of disruptions during church services. He highlighted the significance of the legislation in enhancing security provisions for religious institutions and ensuring the safety and sanctity of worshippers. By granting civil immunity to church security personnel, the law acknowledges the potential impact of violence or disturbances on both the congregation and the broader community.

Law of Self Defense Podcast Episode

NEW! Texas Enacts Church Self-Defense Immunity!

TXDF's Appreciation and Reciprocal Offer

TXDF would like to express our gratitude to Andrew Branca for featuring an article from our website on his podcast. We are thrilled to know that many TXDF officers are fans of his work, and we are proud to have one of our articles referenced by Attorney Branca, who is a renowned expert in self-defense law. We want to extend our support and assistance to him in any way we can.

As an organization, TXDF believes that education is the best weapon a security officer or citizen can have. We appreciate the work done by Andrew Branca and the Law of Self Defense, as they provide crucial knowledge and resources to help individuals better understand self-defense laws and stay protected. We fully endorse and recommend their work to anyone seeking guidance in this area.

Summary and Conclusion

The mention of the Texas Defense Force Security and Jack Griffith's article in the Law of Self Defense podcast exemplifies the importance of collaboration within the self-defense community. TXDF appreciates Andrew Branca's recognition and is committed to providing valuable resources to support individuals in their journey to understanding self-defense laws and promoting safety. We look forward to future collaborations and initiatives that contribute to the shared goal of empowering individuals with knowledge and enhancing community safety.