Your safety is our mission. We understand that security is not just about protection—it's about peace of mind. That's why we offer comprehensive 24/7 armed security services throughout Texas, designed to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Our highly trained and professional security guards are not just vigilant and reliable—they are also committed to providing a sense of safety and stability that allows you to focus on what truly matters. Whether you require commercial, residential, or event security, our team is ready to respond swiftly and effectively to any situation. With our client-focused approach, advanced technology, and decades of industry experience, we are more than a security company—we are your trusted partner in protection.

Specialized Security Solutions

We offer a range of specialized security solutions to cater to your specific needs. Our Commercial Security Officers are trained to secure your business premises, ensuring the safety of your employees and assets. Our Construction Site Security Guards are experts in maintaining a secure environment at construction sites, preventing theft and vandalism.

For your events, our Corporate Event Security Guards ensure a safe and secure environment for your guests. We also provide Residential Security Guards to keep your home and family safe. Our Private Security & Bodyguards offer personalized protection, ensuring your safety at all times. We also specialize in Retail & Hospitality Security, protecting your customers and staff, and Fire Watch Security, ensuring your premises are safe from fire hazards.

Our Approach

At Texas Defense Force, we offer Smart Solutions for Armed Security. Our approach is Client-Focused, ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations. As a Multifaceted Security Guard Company, we offer a range of services to cater to your specific needs. We leverage Technology-Driven Security Services to provide efficient and effective security solutions. With our extensive experience in the Security Guard Industry, we are well-equipped to handle any security challenge.

Training and Development

We believe in continuous learning and development. Our Security Guard Training Academy offers comprehensive training programs for our security personnel. We offer Armed Security Training to ensure our guards are well-equipped to handle any situation. We also offer Executive Protection Training for individuals who require specialized security solutions.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing Texas Defense Force for your security needs means choosing peace of mind. Our Mission and Values are centered around providing the best security solutions for our clients. Our Experience and Expertise in the security industry set us apart from our competitors. We are committed to Safety and Security, ensuring your peace of mind. Don't just take our word for it, read our Client Testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us.

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Ready to experience peace of mind with Texas Defense Force? Request a Quote today and let us take care of your security needs. We offer 24/7 Support to ensure we're always there when you need us. We serve various Locations in Texas, providing comprehensive security solutions across the state.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in safe hands with Texas Defense Force Security.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Armed security services involve the provision of security officers who are licensed and trained to carry firearms for the purpose of protecting individuals, property, or assets.

The main difference is that armed security officers carry firearms and have undergone special training for situations that may require the use of force. Unarmed security officers, on the other hand, do not carry firearms and primarily serve as a visual deterrent to crime.

Businesses or locations that may require armed security services include banks, retail stores, construction sites, corporate offices, residential communities, and special events.

Armed security guards receive comprehensive training that includes firearm safety and handling, conflict resolution, emergency response procedures, and legal aspects of armed security.

Yes, all our armed security guards are licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety as commissioned security officers.

At a corporate event, an armed security guard is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the attendees, preventing unauthorized access, and responding to any security threats or emergencies.

We leverage advanced technology to improve communication, surveillance, and reporting, which allows us to provide more efficient and effective security services.

You can request a quote through our website or contact us directly. We will then assess your security needs and develop a customized security plan for you.

Yes, we provide 24/7 armed security services to ensure that your security needs are met at all times.

We take a proactive approach to security, which includes comprehensive training for our guards, regular security assessments, and the use of advanced security technology. We are committed to providing the highest level of security services to our clients.