The Going Ballistic Fundraising Event at Lake Richland Chambers was a great success! Attendees enjoyed delicious food, exciting musical talent, and captivating speakers as well as breathtaking fireworks. On July 15th, 2023, TXDF officers volunteered to provide security and to show our support for a noble cause and had an unforgettable time.

Going Ballistic Fundraiser Panoramic Shot
Panoramic Shot of the Fundraiser Main Room

Our Volunteers and Their Contribution

A special thank you goes to the dedicated TXDF officers, including David Jones, Hector Quinones, Jim Redmon, Eric Barton, and Jack Griffith, who volunteered their time and expertise to ensure the smooth operation and success of the fundraiser. Officers were on foot patrol, ATV patrol, and posted in sensitive areas to prevent unauthorized access. Their selfless commitment to community safety is truly commendable.

Officers Redmon and Quinones
Officers Redmon and Quinones
Officer Barton in the Mobile Command Center
Officer Barton in the Mobile Command Center
Allen West visiting TXDF at the entrance
Allen West visiting TXDF at the entrance

Going Ballistic Event Highlights

The Going Ballistic Fundraising Event featured a lineup of esteemed guests and captivating performances that left attendees inspired and entertained. From thought-provoking speeches to electrifying musical acts, the event provided a unique experience for all who attended.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the recently concluded Going Ballistic Fundraising Event. Your presence made a significant impact and contributed to the success of the event. Thank you for joining us in supporting this worthy cause and making a difference in our community. Stay tuned for future updates and events as we continue our efforts to empower and uplift our first responders and community as a whole.

Holly Tucker singing the National Anthem
Holly Tucker singing the National Anthem

Featured Guests and Performances

The event provided a great lineup of distinguished guests and captivating performances. The carefully selected individuals engaged the audience and touched hearts.

Allen West speaking at the Going Ballistic fundraiser.

Lt. Col. Allen West

As a renowned Texas Advocate, Lt. Col. Allen West brings his expertise and passion to the stage. With his deep understanding of the issues facing our community, he delivers a powerful and thought-provoking speech that leaves audiences motivated to take action. Lt. Col. Allen West's presence at the Going Ballistic Fundraising Event was truly remarkable, and his words resonated with all who attended.

Barb Allen

Barb Allen, a Gold Star Wife, and accomplished author, graced the event with her presence. Her personal journey and the challenges she has overcome serve as an inspiration to us all. Barb shared her story, allowing attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and women. Her heartfelt words left an indelible impact, leaving the audience moved and appreciative of their sacrifices.

Rick Huckaby

We were honored to have the talented musician, Rick Huckaby, grace the stage with his electrifying performance. Rick's soulful voice and energetic presence captivated the audience, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. With his diverse musical repertoire and undeniable talent, he brought joy and entertainment to the Going Ballistic Fundraising Event. Rick Huckaby's performance was truly a highlight of the evening.

The Going Ballistic Fundraising Event showcased a lineup of exceptional speakers and performers who left an indelible mark on all who attended. From Lt. Col. Allen West's inspiring speech to Barb Allen's moving story, and Rick Huckaby's exhilarating performance, the event was a testament to the power of compelling messages and captivating performances. Short speeches by Raven Harrison and various law enforcement agencies speaking about the impact Going Ballistic has had on their organizations gave the evening special significance.  Even Texas District 2 Senator Bob Hall and his wife were spotted in the crowd.  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these remarkable individuals for sharing their time, talents, and stories, making the event truly memorable for all who attended.

Texas Senator Bob Hall
Texas Senator Bob Hall
Raven Harrison on Going Ballistic
Raven Harrison

Going Ballistic Goals and Community Impact

At Texas Defense Force Security (TXDF), we recognize the importance of supporting organizations that share our commitment to community safety. Going Ballistic, a nonprofit organization, has a significant impact on our community by providing law enforcement agencies in Texas with essential ballistic shields and specialized training.

Strengthening Law Enforcement Agencies

One of the primary goals of Going Ballistic aligns closely with our mission at TXDF: to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies. By providing ballistic shields from HighCom Armor, Going Ballistic enhances the ability of officers to handle high-risk situations, such as active shooter incidents, while ensuring their safety. This support contributes to the overall resilience and effectiveness of our law enforcement agencies in protecting our communities.

Filling Funding Gaps

Another crucial aspect of Going Ballistic's mission is addressing the funding gaps that often exist in rural law enforcement agencies. These agencies, which may lack sufficient resources to obtain necessary equipment and training, greatly benefit from the assistance provided by Going Ballistic. By bridging these gaps, the organization ensures that officers in rural areas can perform their duties safely and effectively.

Going Ballistic Empowering First Responders

Going Ballistic's work results in empowering first responders across the state. By equipping them with ballistic shields and offering specialized training, the organization enhances their confidence, preparedness, and ability to respond to critical incidents. This empowerment not only benefits the officers themselves but also allows them to provide a higher level of service and protection to the communities they serve.

Collaboration for a Safer Community

TXDF proudly collaborates with Going Ballistic to create a safer and more secure community in Texas. By working together, we leverage our expertise and resources to ensure the well-being of our fellow Texans. Our shared dedication to the safety of law enforcement professionals and the communities they protect makes us stronger allies in the pursuit of a safer Texas.

Get Involved

We encourage individuals, businesses, and the community at large to get involved with Going Ballistic. You can support their efforts by making donations, spreading awareness of their mission, and volunteering your time and skills. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the safety and security of our great state.

Learn More and be Part of the Solution

Support Going Ballistic

Join us in supporting the remarkable work of Going Ballistic and their mission to empower law enforcement agencies across Texas. There are several ways you can get involved and make a difference:

  1. Donate: Consider making a financial contribution to Going Ballistic to support the acquisition of ballistic shields and the delivery of specialized training programs. Every donation, no matter the size, helps make our communities safer.

  2. Spread Awareness: Share the story and mission of Going Ballistic with your friends, family, and colleagues. Use the power of your voice and social networks to raise awareness about the importance of supporting our law enforcement professionals.

  3. Volunteer: Explore volunteer opportunities with Going Ballistic. The organization may require assistance with various initiatives, events, or administrative tasks. Your time and skills can contribute to strengthening their impact on law enforcement agencies.

Donna Carter in the TXDF Mobile Command Center
Inside the TXDF Mobile Command Center

Get in Touch With Going Ballistic

To learn more about Going Ballistic and how you can make a valuable contribution, reach out to their team:

  • Visit their website at for detailed information about their mission, programs, and initiatives.
  • Contact Donna Carter, the President and Founder of Going Ballistic, by visiting Donna and her team are always available to answer questions and provide guidance on how you can get involved.

Aligned with the Texas Defense Force Security (TXDF) mission in "Texans protecting Texas," Going Ballistic shares a common goal in ensuring the safety and security of our communities. TXDF focuses on comprehensive security solutions while Going Ballistic's mission of equipping and empowering law enforcement agencies with ballistic shields and specialized training directly contributes to the protection of our great state. Together, these organizations exemplify the spirit of Texans coming together to safeguard Texas and its residents, forming a united front to create a safer and more secure environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The purpose of the event was to raise funds and support Going Ballistic's mission of providing law enforcement agencies with ballistic shields and specialized training.

The event showcased distinguished guests, including Lt. Col. Allen West and Gold Star Wife Barb Allen, who inspired attendees with their speeches and stories.

TXDF volunteers provided support and assistance throughout the fundraiser, ensuring its smooth operation and contributing to its success.

Going Ballistic addresses funding gaps and provides much-needed equipment to rural law enforcement agencies, empowering them to protect their communities effectively.

By supplying ballistic shields and specialized training, Going Ballistic empowers first responders, enhances their safety, and enables them to handle high-risk situations with confidence.

You can support Going Ballistic by making donations, spreading awareness of their mission, and volunteering your time and skills to assist their initiatives.

Yes, Going Ballistic is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization, making donations tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Absolutely! Going Ballistic appreciates support from individuals and organizations worldwide who share a commitment to community safety and supporting law enforcement agencies.

Visit Going Ballistic's website and sign up for their newsletter to receive regular updates on their work, upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved.

Businesses can support Going Ballistic through sponsorships, corporate donations, and by encouraging employees to engage in volunteer activities and awareness campaigns.