When it comes to security solutions and reliable protection, Texas Defense Force Security is the name you can trust. As a leading provider of private investigation services, our professional security experts are committed to delivering accurate and reliable results for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals. With our comprehensive range of services, we offer the expertise and experience needed to uncover the truth and provide the utmost security for our clients.

Surveillance and Investigation Services

At Texas Defense Force Security, we specialize in surveillance investigations and provide thorough investigative solutions for a wide range of scenarios. Our experienced team of investigators is well-versed in handling infidelity surveillance, corporate theft investigations, employee monitoring, child custody surveillance, and insurance fraud investigations. We understand the importance of discreetly gathering evidence to support your case, whether it's to uncover a cheating spouse, expose employee misconduct, or address insurance fraud claims. With state-of-the-art surveillance technologies and expert techniques, we ensure that our surveillance investigations yield reliable and actionable results.

Specialized Investigations

Our specialized investigations at Texas Defense Force Security cover a wide range of complex cases. We excel in hidden asset investigations, where we meticulously trace and uncover concealed assets. Additionally, our expertise extends to online dating scam investigations, providing valuable insights and protection against fraudulent schemes. We also offer asset tracing services to help clients locate and recover valuable assets, and our process service ensures prompt and efficient delivery of legal documents. Furthermore, our skip tracing services assist in locating individuals who may be difficult to find, while our interviews with witnesses provide critical information for your case.

Business and Corporate Services

For businesses, Texas Defense Force Security provides a range of corporate services tailored to your needs. Our corporate non-compete investigations help protect your company's interests by detecting and preventing violations. We also conduct fraud investigations to safeguard your organization from financial losses and employee misconduct investigations to maintain a secure work environment. Our pre-employment background checks offer valuable insights into potential candidates, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions. Additionally, our forensic business investigations provide comprehensive analyses of financial records and transactions, offering insights into any irregularities or malpractices. Protect your intellectual property with our investigations focused on preventing theft and maintaining the integrity of your proprietary information.

Personal and Family Services

At Texas Defense Force Security, we understand the importance of personal and family security. Our team is skilled in handling infidelity investigations, providing discreet and professional surveillance to uncover the truth in sensitive matters. We also specialize in child custody investigations, assisting individuals in gathering critical evidence for custody cases. In cases involving missing persons, our dedicated investigators conduct thorough searches to locate loved ones. Moreover, we offer threat assessments to help individuals identify potential risks and take appropriate measures to mitigate them. Additionally, our bug sweeps and technical surveillance countermeasures ensure the protection of your privacy by detecting and removing any unauthorized surveillance devices.

Benefits of Choosing Texas Defense Force Security

When you choose Texas Defense Force Security, you benefit from the expertise and professionalism of our licensed and experienced investigators. We employ cutting-edge surveillance technologies to ensure accurate and reliable results. Our timely and accurate reporting keeps you informed throughout the investigative process. Compliance with legal and ethical standards is of utmost importance to us, ensuring the integrity and admissibility of the evidence we gather. We prioritize client confidentiality and privacy, handling each case with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Count on Texas Defense Force Security for reliable, efficient, and comprehensive private investigation services.


In the realm of private investigation services, Texas Defense Force Security stands out as a trusted partner. With our comprehensive range of services, we are committed to uncovering the truth, providing protection, and delivering reliable results. Whether you require surveillance, specialized investigations, or personal and family services, our professional security experts have the experience and expertise to handle your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and experience the peace of mind that comes with Texas Defense Force Security.

Experience comprehensive private investigation services with Texas Defense Force Security. Contact us today for a free consultation and let our professional security experts provide you with the protection and peace of mind you deserve. Trust us to uncover the truth and deliver reliable results for your investigative needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We specialize in various investigations, including surveillance, infidelity, corporate theft, child custody, insurance fraud, and more.

Our investigators are highly experienced and licensed professionals with a proven track record in conducting successful investigations.

Yes, discretion is of utmost importance to us. We understand the sensitivity of each case and ensure that all investigations are handled with utmost confidentiality.

We utilize cutting-edge surveillance technologies to capture accurate and reliable evidence, ensuring the highest quality results for our clients.

The duration of an investigation varies depending on the complexity and nature of the case. We will provide an estimated timeline during the initial consultation.

Yes, we have strategic partnerships with international agents, enabling us to provide services for cases that require global reach and expertise.

The cost of a private investigation service varies depending on the specific requirements and complexity of the case. We offer competitive pricing and will provide a detailed quote during the consultation.

Yes, all our investigators are licensed, bonded, and insured, ensuring professionalism, credibility, and compliance with legal standards.

Absolutely. We gather evidence using professional investigative techniques, ensuring the collected evidence is admissible in court and can support legal proceedings.

To get started, simply contact us for a free consultation. Our team will discuss your specific needs, answer any additional questions, and provide guidance on the next steps of the investigative process.