Competition Shooting at the TXDF Fall Festival

It's about time to make a mark on your calendars! October 27th and 28th, 2023: When the expansive Griffith Switch Shooting Range in Venus, Texas, is going to transmute into an extraordinary bash. This autumn, the Texas Defense Force Security is fortifying the security landscape with a jam-packed schedule at their upcoming range event. Replete with engaging activities, enriching round-robin classes, medical training, a veritable feast of Texas cuisine, and a riveting dash of night-time showdown, there is something designed for everybody. Whether you're aiming to secure the top spot in competition shooting, improve your skill set, or bask in the lively atmosphere, there's an extraordinary chapter waiting to be written just for you.


Friday - October 27                                   ALL CASH EVENT


2pm                    Gates Open

3pm                 “Women Only- Intro to Guns”                                                      Pistol Range Cost $10.00

5pm                 “Stop the Bleed”                                                                           Round Robin Tent

Dinner – Tacos/Desert - Our Range Food is the best! – refreshments available all-day
3pm-7pm         “Kids Intro to Firearms” – AIRSOFT ONLY                                   Halloween Challenge

5pm-6pm         “21 Green Roses”                                                                           Entertainment on Stage

7PM                “Texas Defense Force -Intro/Products/Program

8pm –             “Texas Defense Force Scramble”     Award Given                          Pistol Range Cost $10.00      

9pm –              “Light Em Up”                                Award  Given                          Pistol Range – $10.00

10pm –            OUTDOOR MOVIE AT THE RANGE


Saturday -October 28


9am                 Gates Open

9am                 Competition Participants Begin Sign-In -$25.00                   TXDF Tent
9am                 Breakfast Service Begins

10am               “Carry – Gun Talk from an Expert”                                      Round Robin Tent

9:30am – 3pm 3 Event Competition Begins:

                        Exercise #1 – “Texas Victory”

Exercise #2 – “The Texas Battle”
Exercise #3 – “Six Flags over Texas”

Participants will enter at will. Highest Scores are awarded.

11am               “Kids/Women Gun Intro”                                                     Round Robin Tent

12pm               “Stop the Bleed”                                                                    Round Robin Tent

12pm                Lunch Service Begins Brisket, Hamburgers and MORE!

1pm                 “ Ham Radio Testing for Technician”                                    Round Robin Tent

2pm                 “Dry Fire at Home! We show how!                                       Round Robin Tent

5pm –                Award Ceremony - Conclusion


Shoot the Beast! “The Texas Freedom Machine!" $15.00/round will post times at the event.

Join Us for the Ultimate Security Skills Showdown This Fall in Venus, Texas

This fall, something riveting stirs in the heart of Venus, Texas. Not the rustle of amber leaves nor the anticipation of the harvest season. This is something different. It resonates with the pinging of metal, the call of camaraderie, and the steady rhythm of a safe wielder's heart.

Texas Defense Force Security cordially invites you to an affair with adrenaline at the official TXDF range run by our own officer and instructor - Jack Griffith. It's not just an event; it's a competition shooting skill showdown. Their range event scheduled for October 20th through 21st, 2023, promises to be more than a mark on your calendar; it's a notch on the belt of your personal progression.

Shotgun at the Griffith Switch Range
Shotgun at the Griffith Switch Range

From novice to expert, all are welcome to experience an unusual fusion where fun meets practicality. The Griffith Switch Range, at 1998 Ozro Road, promises a course not just endured but conquered. An event where the rubber of theory hits the hard road of practice. From shooting competitions that pit budding enthusiasts against seasoned veterans to round-robin classes offering a smorgasbord of security-related skills to explore – it’s a vibrant skill shopping spree in the tougher terrain.


Simulated under the bright Texan sky, every ring of a successful shot, every well-executed action, will ripple with new confidence – the undeniable signature of skill mastery. Spectators? We think not. At this event, you are saliently, inevitably part of the security skills showdown, busting rounds and barriers in equal measure.

So slip into your adventure gear this fall, head over to Venus, and join us. Cast off the urban ennui and be part of an experience unique in its caliber – the ultimate security skills showdown. Sharpen your skills, share your passion and see how ordinary folks transform into safety-conscious citizens under the Texan sun. The countdown begins today. We’re excited to see you there. Are you?

Elevate Your Shots: Competition Shooting at the TXDF Range Event

Something for Everyone
Something for Everyone

Are you ready to challenge your marksmanship, to redefine what you thought were your limits? Texas Defense Force Security welcomes you to a contest of precision and composure — competition shooting — that quintessential cornerstone of our range event.

Your senses will tingle as you step up to the firing line, a delicate balance of controlled excitement and meditative focus. It's not just about hitting your mark; it's about embracing the philosophy behind every pull of the trigger — patience, precision, perseverance.

Our competition isn't just a test for sharpshooters. It's a journey mapped for everyone, from the eagle-eyed expert to the curious beginner just commencing their voyage into firearms. In every bullet, and every target, see your confidence burgeon, transforming not just your shot, but your whole perception of security.

At the Griffith Switch Range, friendly competition shooting ascends expectations. Under the watchful Texas sky, experience the heart-throbbing thrill as your bullet slices the air and meets, the target, leaving a fulfilling echo in its wake: the sound of personal achievement.

Remember, competition isn't about winning or losing; it's about growing, learning, and walking away with a sense of achievement that only honing a skill can offer. So, have your stance ready, your aim steady, and let your shots fly in exhilarating notes of skill and progression.

Broaden Your Horizon: Round-Robin Classes for Every Enthusiast at TXDF Event

As the autumn leaves cascade in the heart of Texas, we extend an open invitation to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of learning at the Texas Defense Force Security's range event. Encapsulated within this dynamic event are round-robin classes, curated for both newbies dipping their toes in the field and seasoned enthusiasts looking to level up their repertoire.

Welcome to a cornucopia of security skills! At Griffith Switch Range, no two experiences are the same. Traverse the various stations, each a treasure trove of knowledge, each echoing with the chime of experiential learning. Picture this; under one Texan sun, you gather various nuggets of expertise from different facets of security—and come out the other side with a fuller understanding of your own resilience.

From fine-tuning your focus in our precision-oriented shooting classes to pumping up your adrenaline in our complex drills, each module stands as an individual pillar supporting the overarching temple of tactical wisdom. The world of security is wide and varied—and we've unlocked the gate for you to explore!

Don’t be content to sit on the sidelines; this isn’t an event you merely attend, it’s an event you participate in, grow with, and emerge from enriched and enlightened. Think big, dig deep, and watch as the fruits of our round-robin system unfurl a broader horizon of skills before your eyes.

Soak it all in and take a spin―or rather, several spins―through our round-robin classes. Prepare for a hands-on journey that will stretch your familiarity, confront your inhibitions, and leave you with an expanded arsenal of skills and an unforgettable catena of experiences. Ready to unleash the enthusiast within? Let the round-robin begin!

Life-Saving Skills Bootcamp: Do You Have What It Takes to Stop the Bleed or Save a Life with CPR?

It's one thing to save the day, and it’s quite another to save a life. At the Texas Defense Force Security range event, we go beyond teaching you to protect yourself. We empower you with essential skills that could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

At this year's event, under the vast Texan sky, you’ll encounter a unique boot camp – one focused on the life-saving skills of CPR and Stop the Bleed training. Unleash your potential as a lifeguardian, because in the reality of unexpected emergencies, heroes are ordinary people equipped with extraordinary skills.

Flicker and then surge! That's how your adrenaline will respond when your hands apply that first chest compression or when you manage to stop a bleed successfully. Our purpose-driven classes will drill crucial CPR tactics – helping you understand when and how to step in to save a life until professional medical help arrives.

But we don't stop there; we aim to create an environment where quick thinking meets quick action. That's where Stop the Bleed training enters the picture – a component that underscores the importance of controlling heavy bleeding in emergencies.

Our training sessions, led by seasoned experts, aim to turn any bystander into a potential life-saver, to empower you with confidence should you ever face an emergency.

So, ready to hoist the shield of resilience, to step into a role where you can make a significant impact? This fall, join us on the Griffith Switch Range in Venus, Texas. Learn with us, grow with us, and walk armed not just with safety tactics, but with dexterity in life-saving skills. Because being prepared isn’t just about personal safety – it’s about being ready for anything, for anyone, anywhere.

Classroom Instruction
Classroom Instruction

Calling All Radio Enthusiasts: Tune into Ham Radio Training with TXDF

Ham Radio Communications
Ham Radio Communications

Ever wanted to crack the code? To unravel the complex language of signals from a simple box of devices? The Texas Defense Force Security offers you just the right chance this fall with their Ham Radio training session. As part of their range event, they are hosting a unique, hands-on class dedicated to teaching the intricate yet fun skills of ham radio operation.

Whether you're a newbie enticed by the idea or a seasoned operator looking to absorb more frequencies onto your bandwidth, the Griffith Switch Range reignites the antique charm of radio communication. It's not just about the technical prowess; it's about turning knobs and levers and, in turn, connecting with the world.

From understanding the basic components to mastering the art of Morse code, the course curates a thrilling journey through the airwaves. A journey that introduces you to enriching conversations, fascinating new cultures, and even the exhilarating rush of emergency support in times of need.

Despite the advancement of smartphones and wireless technology, ham radio holds its ground firmly, offering an unbeatable charm and timeless value in terms of connectivity. A value that becomes palpable when disaster strikes and normal lines of communication foil.

As the leaves turn bronze under the Texan sun, tune into the fascinating experience of Ham Radio Training at the TXDF event. Whether it's about contributing to a growing community of radio enthusiasts or becoming a harbinger of messages when it matters the most, the learning from these classes has a ripple effect that extends far beyond the event itself.

So here's to untangling the tight webs of frequencies. Nights spent gleaning new voices from the static. Join us this fall in Venus, Texas, for a radio adventure that echoes louder with each ripple.

Not Just Competition Shooting: Gun Safety and Firearms Introduction at TXDF Event

What does it mean to hold power in your hands, to feel the weight of responsibility mixed with sheer potential? At Texas Defense Force Security, we believe in educating our community about responsible firearm ownership – ways to aim right, and more importantly, ways to stay safe.  Even if you aren't taking part in the competition shooting events, there's something for you.

Under the autumnal Texas sky, we extend an open invitation to join us for our gun safety course, a meticulous design in conjunction with our range event. At the Griffith Switch Range, we strip back the layers of uncertainty or fear that surround firearms, replacing them with calm composure and a deep understanding of safe practices.

Our expert-led class unfolds like a roadmap – guiding you through the inner workings of a firearm, assembling and disassembling techniques, followed by a comprehensive introduction of proper storing and cleaning methods, and safety protocols to adhere to at all times.

What's more, in addition to gun safety, our event offers an intro to firearms class, perfectly oriented for beginners. Here we lay down the foundation of firearm basics – their types, operations, and maintenance. The session serves as a guided tour through the world of firearms, handled with absolute caution and respect for the tool.

In a world where news of improper firearm handling often makes headlines, we aim to make a difference. Because the right way to empower is through knowledge and training, not fear.

So, whether you're a seasoned firearm enthusiast or someone who's holding a gun for the first time, join us this October in Venus, Texas. From unveiling myths to showcasing realities, from instilling respect to channeling function, our aim is not just to educate but to foster a sense of collective safety consciousness.

Embrace the power, and the responsibility, and steer yourself towards diligent firearm use and ownership. Get started preparing for competition shooting at next year's event.

Take On the Titan: The .50 BMG Rifle Range Challenge at the TXDF Event

Barrett M82A
Barrett M82A

In the heart of Texas, under the wide autumnal sky, a unique challenge is calling out to all firearm enthusiasts, a chance to go head-to-head with a true titan — the .50 BMG Rifle. As a part of the range event at the venerable Griffith Switch Range, Texas Defense Force Security presents an opportunity that’s just as much a learning curve as it is a riveting encounter.  This is not a competition shooting event - it is an experience with a rifle and cartridge that not everyone has access to.

Recognized for its might and precision, the .50 Browning Machine Gun (.50BMG cartridge) has been making a statement since its inception. This range event takes it a notch higher, putting you behind an iconic Barrett .50BMG rifle on a designated shooting range, an experience that transcends from just a fun activity to an indulgent session of skill enhancement.

Navigating the Barrett rifle is akin to taming the stallion. It requires a sense of purpose, a grip of steel, and an eye that seeks victory. But fear not, novices and experts alike, we ensure you're not alone in this journey. Our team of experienced supervisors will guide you through every recoil and reload, transforming an intimidating encounter into a rich learning experience.

As your eye aligns with the sight, your steady hands cradle the rifle, and that first shot cracks through the silence of the range, you'll unlock a new facet of firearm passion. The trickling adrenaline, the respect for the sheer power you hold, and the echo of the blast — somewhat formidable, isn't it?

So, are you ready to inch past your comfort zone and meet the challenge head-on? This fall, take the gravel road to 1998 Ozro Road, Venus, Texas, and step into a field where titans are tamed. Gear up for the .50 BMG Rifle Range Challenge at the TXDF event, an encounter that incites thrill and respect with each shot you fire!

Immerse Yourself in the Buzz: A Dive into the Vendor and Entertainment Scene at the TXDF Range Event

Fall in Texas: amber foliage, a crisp tang in the air, and this year, an electric vibe that traverses the expanses of Griffith Switch Range. Welcome to the Texas Defense Force Security range event where there's something for everyone, pulsating between the thrills of rifle ranges and sprawling over to a lineup of vendors and entertainment that ensure a holistic experience for every attendee.

Strewn through these vibrant pockets of vendors, our handpicked entertainment lineup offers a delectable diversion from the gun smoke. Be it music that resonates with the true spirit of Texas or performances that celebrate local talents; the melange of entertainment creates a patchwork of jovial atmosphere throughout the event, adding to the richness of your experiences.

But don’t just witness, participate. Engage with innovative exhibitors, ask questions, broaden your knowledge, and even secure exclusive event deals on security gear and equipment. As you bask in the vibrant Texan temperament, let the rhythm of live performances soundtrack your day, and carry you through the event.

So, make your way to the Griffith Switch Range in Venus, Texas, this fall. Come for the security education, stay for the immersive experience of shared enthusiasm and camaraderie. Because at the TXDF range event, the shot isn’t the only thing that echoes long after you’re gone, the buzz of excitement, shared stories, laughter, and the memories you make, do too. Unleash the enthusiast within and dive into the buzz at the Texas Defense Force Security event - a place where community and culture converge.

Indulge Your Tastes: Explore the Best of Texas Cuisine at Our Food Stalls

Man cannot exist on competition shooting alone.  When the allure of the Texas sky meets the scents of tantalizing barbeque, it can only mean one thing: the outdoor feast at the Texas Defense Force Security range event is in full swing.

Of course, the Texas Defense Force Security is known for its heart-hammering array of activities and drills. Still, we also believe in the power of good food to soothe, satiate, and bring people closer. To this end, we invite you to explore the enticing taste of Texas at our food stalls. Your ticket to the event is not just a pass to experience the dynamic world of security training, but also your gateway to savoring an authentic Texas BBQ, an experience laden with flavors as robust and memorable as the event itself.

While our final menu is still being perfected to bring you an array of dishes that titillate your palate and provide you with a gratifying culinary journey, one thing is for sure: the heart of the set-up will be the good old barbeque. The sizzling sights and smoky aroma of BBQ, arguably a Texan staple, will surely add another delightful layer to your visit.

As you wait for the big reveal of our full menu, visualize savoring fork-tender BBQ, its robust flavors a symphony of marinade and firewood, perfectly complementing the adrenaline of the day's challenges. And rest assured, knowing that other equally flavorsome options would accompany this star attraction in our offering.

Let this October paint you a picture of the perfect day out: where exhilarating lessons in security go hand in hand with the comfort of a good meal, under the endless Texas sky. Count down the days with us to the Texas Defense Force Security range event, and prepare yourself to indulge like never before!

Night-time Firepower Showdown: Exploring the After-Dark Activities at the TXDF Event

When twilight descends upon the Griffith Switch Range, the Texas Defense Force Security range event transitions from a day filled with lively activity and learning into a realm where precision meets the mysterious allure of the night. Venture into the captivating sphere of night-time activities, awaiting your attendance in Venus, Texas.

As the natural spotlight of the sun makes way for the spectral glow of ambient lights, the Glow-in-the-Dark Targets emerge as the evening's stars. Unleash your nocturnal warrior, as these unpredictable, phosphorescent marks become a test for your aim in the dusky Texas landscape. It is shooting reimagined, bringing together focus, skill, and a hint of the extraordinary.

But the night's challenge doesn't stop at just striking vital stars. Strobe Distractions bounce into the scene, casting dancing lights and shadows, turning the range into a dynamic, visual riddle. With your firearm as your pen, can you write your victory against the strobe?

If you thought the darkness could deter the celebrations, you're in for a surprise. Brace yourself for Low-Light Target Shooting, a fierce challenge that transforms the tranquillity of the Texan night into an electrifying timeline. Spot your mark in the dimly lit range, take aim, and find your target. It’s a night-time duel between you, your firearm, and the elusive target.

Wet your appetite for audacious showdowns under the cover of darkness. Ignite your evening with sparks of confrontation at your firefights and let the buzz of the range carry you through every shot fired. The Texas Defense Force Security range event invites you to step out of the light and into a night-time experience that intertwines competition, precision, and a course of fun under the star-strewn Texas sky. Don a cloak of darkness as your badge and embrace the night with us. When it comes to celebrating the skills of security, we believe the night's just getting started.

Wrapping it Up

When all is said and fired, the Texas Defense Force Security range event is more than a showcase of security expertise and firearm precision; it is a journey, a shared experience of community, education, feasts, and luminous memories imprinted under the Texas sky. Let this event be your playground, your school, your vibrant canvas as you immerse yourself in the range of activities. Come for the unforgettable security experience, stay for the shared laughter, learning, remarkable BBQ, and mesmerizing night glow. As the event concludes, leave not just with enhanced skills and happy memories, but with a renewed sense of camaraderie and a tinge of the Texan spirit bound to bring you back in the years to come. Thus concludes the countdown to an unforgettable autumn celebration with the Texas Defense Force Security at Griffith Switch Range; find your march, take the aim, and fire splendidly into an event that promises a compilation of ‘never-before' experiences. Join us where community, culture, and combat converge.

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