School Safety Program Proposal

Below is a link to a video presentation of our school proposal to the State of Texas.

We introduce you to two parts. One is the video presentation of the program and the other is the actual Proforma created. It has a complete breakdown of the program, timeline for implementation and costs, concerns, and expectations.

The most important point that we want to stress is our ability to place 10,000 licensed quality officers on the grounds of our schools in Texas over a 5-year period to protect our children for a fraction of the cost of a police officer. As a complement to this program, we have also developed technology that compliments the program in a unique way.

Texas School Security Program

We are also linking you to our church technology program for your benefit of another unique approach to church security.
Church Security Program

We welcome your inquiry and are ready to implement this program immediately on funding. 

Robert Beverly
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Texas Defense Force Security
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