Safety for the Church Environment - A New Approach

Our services include:

1. Assessment of facility/current safety protocol
2. Report of findings and a list of suggested implementations
3. Ongoing Training available for current members.

We have prepared a special introduction to the new technology we are introducing
and invite you to view this presentation. This link is a youtube video.

 Church Safety Program

We welcome your questions and inquiries. And while you are here, we would invite you to view the school program we have developed as well. It gives you both reference to the serious nature of our efforts to improve safety in our "soft" environments but also shows the creative way we approach this present condition.

Safety for the School Environment.

School Safety Program

This is a program we have submitted to many of our legislators in Austin with little success. There seems to be more "pass the buck" politics occurring than we would have ever imagined. If you are interested in our program, a call is welcome and we can schedule a site visit. We are sadly in a time where this is becoming more and more important and we hope as a volunteer organization to make a difference in the lives of good citizens everywhere.

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