Robert Beverly



Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Growing up in Texas, Mr. Beverly experienced the values of traditional family life and witnessed the unfortunate aspects of government. The corruption, politics, and disregard for the rule of law deeply affected him, particularly seeing resources mismanaged and directed away from veterans and the less fortunate. These early life lessons would later shape his path and inspire his dedication to serving his country.

Mr. Beverly proudly served in the United States Air Force, where he learned the importance of discipline, duty, and commitment to the greater good. After his honorable discharge, he pursued a college education in electrical engineering, which equipped him with a strong technical foundation. He applied his skills by establishing a successful company specializing in custom-built, unique design concepts in structural fabrication.

However, Mr. Beverly's concerns for the future of America heightened with the election of Barack Obama. Witnessing the erosion of lawfulness and disregard for the Constitution under the Obama Administration, he felt compelled to take action. He realized that his knowledge and training in self-protection had waned over the years, prompting him to seek further education and explore training avenues.

Throughout his journey, Mr. Beverly discovered that the concept of militias was often misunderstood, and quality training from reputable instructors was lacking for militia members. Recognizing the need for a security company that could provide comprehensive training and legal protection, he founded Texas Defense Force.

"As a Licensed Security Company, Texas Defense Force allows us to serve and protect our communities efficiently," explains Mr. Beverly. The company provides the necessary credentials and standing within the community to respond to emergency situations effectively. Moreover, it acts as a platform to aid fellow citizens when needed. Mr. Beverly emphasizes that no other program offers a similar combination of self-defense training and high-level education for civilians.

Mr. Beverly's vision for Texas Defense Force is rooted in empowering communities, ensuring liberty, and upholding the values that make Texas and America strong. Through a steadfast commitment to training, professionalism, and community engagement, he and his team strive to make a difference, safeguarding the rights and safety of individuals and preserving the principles that define our nation.