The Texas Defense Force Security Mobile Command Center (MCC) is a technological, communications, and surveillance powerhouse. Effective Security requires real-time information for better situational awareness and more informed decisions in the field and at the command level.

The MCC enables our Security Officers to identify threats to persons and critical infrastructure and quickly dispatch responders. Capabilities include a wide range of mission critical tools and applications to increase situational awareness and enable field units to deliver a real-time response for any security incident. The Mobile Command Center brings field proven technology, backed by professional expertise and “real world know how” to significantly increase our ability to secure your event or location.

The Mobile Command Center enables our Security Officers to deliver an immediate response to threats and incidences. The key benefits are:

  • Fast incident detection.
  • Increased situation awareness.
  • Collaborative incident management.
  • Effective response and incident resolution.
  • High profile physical presence for a tangible deterrence factor.