In a recent news article by KETK, our very own Officer Kim L. Morgan was featured, sharing his insights on the risks of buying bad fuel, especially as holiday travel picks up. The article highlights the concerns of many Texans who will be hitting the roads for the Fourth of July celebrations. Among those interviewed was Officer Morgan, who shared his unfortunate experience with bad fuel that resulted in damage to his car after being approached by a news reporter at the Dukes travel center in Wills Point.

Officer Morgan's cautionary tale serves as a reminder to be discerning about where we fuel up our vehicles. His advice? Avoid "trashy-looking" places just because the gas is cheaper. His experience has made him more cautious and selective about the gas stations he uses, a lesson we can all learn from.

Kim Morgan giving an interview to Fox 51
TXDF Officer Kim Morgan giving an interview

We at Texas Defense Force Security are incredibly proud of Officer Morgan for his appearance on Fox 51 and for sharing his valuable insights with the public. His experience and cautionary advice serve as a reminder of the unexpected risks that can come with something as routine as filling up our gas tanks.

Officer Morgan's commitment to safety extends beyond his role at Texas Defense Force Security. His willingness to share his personal experiences to help others avoid similar pitfalls is a testament to his dedication to the community.

Join us in congratulating Officer Morgan on his TV appearance and for his continued dedication to serving and educating the community. His story is a reminder that safety comes in many forms, from the security services we provide at Texas Defense Force Security to the everyday choices we make, like where to buy our fuel.

Read the full article to learn more about the risks of buying bad fuel and how you can protect yourself.

Stay safe, Texas!